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Secure the item and the bag, while embarking on a digital revolution with Prown

Digital twins

When buying products of our partner brands, you will receive digital twins which serve as certificates of authenticity and ownership tied to your Prown account.

These certficates are the digital representations of real world items, issued by brands. We made sure they cannot be tampered with or faked, so you can feel safe while shopping for authentic products.

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A laptop screen displaying an e-commerce product page for "Jordan Delta 3 SP" sneakers. The page includes multiple images of the sneakers from different angles, size options, price, and buttons for adding to cart or wishlist. There is also a description and reviews section below the product details.
When buying products of our partner brands...
A smartphone screen showing an email inbox with multiple unread messages. The first unread message is from Prown with the subject "Your certificate(s)." Other emails are from various senders with different subjects and dates.
You will receive a digital certificate via e-mail.
A smartphone screen displaying a confirmation page for claiming a certificate. The page asks "Are you sure you want to claim this certificate?" and has a button labeled "Claim certificate."
You can then claim it in the Prown app.
A smartphone screen showing a product detail page for a "Demonstration T-shirt." The page includes an image of the T-shirt, a description mentioning it is for demonstration purposes and does not really exist, and a button labeled "Transfer ownership."
Use the digital benefits, show off, access gated communities.
A smartphone screen displaying the same product detail page for a "Demonstration T-shirt" as the previous image, with the button "Transfer ownership" at the bottom.
Transfer the certificate alongside the product when you sell it. Simple.
A smartphone screen showing a confirmation page for successful ownership transfer of the T-shirt. The page has a message "Ownership transferred successfully!" with a "Done" button and decorative dots in the background.


Prown as an outstanding project received financial support fromPolish Agency for Enterprise Development, co-financed by European Funds under the Operational Programme Eastern Poland 2014-2020.