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Walmart Realm: Pioneering the Future of Shopping in the Immersive World


May 27, 2024

Source: Walmart @

Walmart has launched its latest innovation in e-commerce, Walmart Realm, a 3D platform that brings shopping into the immersive worlds. Walmart Realm offers users the ability to shop digital replicas of products available at physical Walmart stores, but in a series of fantastical virtual environments. These immersive worlds include “So Jelly,” an underwater universe, “Y’allternative,” a fusion of the Wild West and Gothic aesthetics, and “Go Chromatic,” a metallic, space-inspired setting.

Accessible via desktop or mobile devices, Walmart Realm allows users to navigate these virtual stores, click on items to add them to their carts, and complete their purchases through This venture signifies Walmart’s continued commitment to leveraging the immersive world for commercial purposes, despite other companies shifting focus towards trends like artificial intelligence.

A Strategic Move in Virtual Commerce

Walmart’s journey into the immersive world began in 2022, when it launched immersive experiences on platforms like Fortnite and Roblox to engage younger audiences. These initiatives included Walmart Land and Walmart Universe on Roblox, where users could purchase merchandise for their avatars. The introduction of Walmart Realm marks an evolution in this strategy, providing a more refined and traditional e-commerce experience. Developed with Emperia, a company known for creating digital stores for brands such as L’Occitane and Bloomingdale’s, Walmart Realm stands as an independent, web-accessible platform.

Engaging Gen Z Through Innovative Features

Walmart Realm is designed with a clear target audience in mind: Gen Z. The platform features a curated selection of roughly 100 beauty, fashion, and home goods products, primarily priced under $50. To enhance engagement, Walmart has incorporated gamified elements into the shopping experience. For example, “Go Chromatic” includes a Tetris-inspired mini-game offering a chance to win a $100 sweepstakes prize. Users can also collect tokens shaped like Walmart’s yellow star logo to earn rewards, such as a 20% coupon, encouraging them to spend more time on the platform.

Influencer Collaboration and Marketing Strategy

A key component of Walmart’s strategy to attract users to Walmart Realm involves leveraging influencers. Influencers like Mai Pham, Nava Rose, and Makenzie and Malia Fowler, with a combined social media following of over 11 million on TikTok alone, will promote Realm-related content. This approach aims to drive traffic to the platform and boost user engagement.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Immersive Commerce

Walmart’s Director of Brand Experiences, Justin Breton, expresses optimism about the future of Walmart’s immersive e-commerce initiatives. He anticipates expanding Walmart Realm to other platforms like Fortnite and Minecraft, believing that as more platforms embrace real-world commerce, Walmart will be a preferred partner.


In conclusion, the launch of Walmart Realm underscores the growing relevance of the immersive world in the future of commerce. As digital and physical worlds continue to converge, platforms like Walmart Realm represent a glimpse into how consumers might shop in the future. By creating engaging, immersive shopping experiences, Walmart is not only meeting the current demands of tech-savvy consumers but also setting the stage for the next evolution in retail. The immersive world offers a unique blend of entertainment and commerce, making it a promising frontier for innovative retailers looking to connect with the next generation of shoppers.