App for your customers
Digital twins are securely stored by your customers in the application, serving as a convenient digital wardrobe for your products. Customized for iOS and Android, it enhances the after-sale experience, allowing seamless digital twin exchange within your community.
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Backoffice for your brand
We provide you with the necessary tools to effortlessly offer your customers digital twins. Our back-office system enables you to manage the integration with your e-commerce store and easily customize the digital twins you want to link with your products. Through our system, you can communicate with your customers, even if they did not buy your products directly from you.
Digital NFT twins
Boost customer confidence in your products with automatic distribution of secure digital certificates (NFT-based twins). Serving as digital passports and effective marketing tools, these certificates not only enhance Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards but also act as a gateway to the emerging metaverse, ensuring a holistic and secure shopping experience for your customers.
Use cases
Digital product passport
A digital twin, backed by blockchain, acts as a certificate of product authenticity. This blockchain-secured certificate prevents counterfeiting, making uncertified products easily identifiable.

Can serve as a warranty, eliminating the need for customers to retain physical or digital receipts.

Provides customers with detailed product information, including collection, rarity, and care instructions.

Acts as proof of ownership, allowing certificate holders to verify their rightful ownership of the physical product, preventing issues like theft.

Community engagement
Build and maintain the community of owners of your brand products. Enable your community access to exclusive experiences such as priority orders for new drops or special price offers for digital twin holders. Potential uses are limitless, tailored to your brand's needs.
Marketing extension
Stay connected with the product owner, even if it was bought from a reseller or on a secondary market, by sending a direct message to the current digital twin holder. A certificate accompanies the product to which it is attached, providing information on any changes in ownership.
Gateway to the metaverse
Each physical product is accompanied by its digital twin, which can be utilized in the virtual space known as the metaverse. Digital certificates enable owners to prove their ownership not only of physical products but also of digital ones. For instance, these certificates can grant access to events hosted in the metaverse, including concerts, community gatherings, and more.